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5 min readJun 15, 2022


One for all and all for one

What’s up, Bangers!

If last week we covered how Banger is for every single type of gamer out there, this week we want to dive deeper into how Banger is also a platform for those who wish to compete.

Now here’s the thing… what gamer on the planet does not like to compete, at some level at least?

As gamers, we believe that even though it is not everyone’s desire to compete at a high level (in fact, it’s a small percentage that does), all of us gamers have a competitive fire within us, basically meaning we hate losing. Raise your hand if you’ve ever smashed a controller… exactly.

Now, even though we do not promote any sort of violent behavior against our best friend, the controller, we do believe that competition is what gives gaming its spark, and it’s the main reason why we wanted to make eSports accessible to all gamers. Because let’s not forget that eSports as a concept was created for PROFESSIONAL GAMERS, and just like with any other professional sport, the hours and talent required are outrageous, meaning it’s not for everyone.

That changes at Banger. Here, your journey to compete and get rewarded for it starts the day you sign up and will evolve as you play and grow within the platform. A journey that you will create for yourself regardless of your level. Let’s get into the details.

Rank System

Our ranking system is the stepping stone on which all the other features are built. It allows any gamer to create his journey from scratch. Like in any FPS online mode, our ranking system will enable you to be matched in competition with other gamers at your same level, making competitions fair and square.

Think of our ranking systems like Joseph Campbell’s Hero Journey, a path of discovery, transformation, and ultimate reward. Of course, the more you win, the higher the ranking; the higher the ranking, the harder it gets to win, and the harder it gets to win, the higher the rewards are.

However, it is also worth highlighting how there will be other components that will affect the ranking system beyond the competition, more community-related, such as creating content or participating in events.

Therefore, the ranking will not be linear, meaning that it will not only be a number on one scale but several indicators, including individual game rankings and social interaction.

As the date of launch approximates, we will disclose more precise information on how you can start building up your ranking and all the different variables to be considered, but for now, just remember that our ranking system will allow fair competition and reward access for all levels.

Smart Tournaments

Welcome to the king of all features, Smart Tournaments. Based on blockchain technology and the so-called smart contracts, smart tournaments allow for AI-run competitions where all gamers can have full transparency over their money, progress, results, statistics, and any information that is part of the competition.

The whole idea behind smart tournaments is to fully automatize your experience but, most importantly, decentralize it. What do we mean by this? Basically, the funds being gathered and later distributed are not controlled by us or by the creator of the tournament. Instead, each competition, which will be bound to certain distribution rules, will gather different players and the defined prize pool, and all be secured and visible through blockchain. You will be able to see, who is playing, what the prize distribution is, and how it is being distributed.

No more worrying about collecting prizes, recording results, or checking statistics.

On top of that, at Banger, we have developed what we call Banger for creators. This is basically us giving you the main door entrance to our platform, so you can create any tournament you wish, invite your friends, promote it, and of course, collect your earnings for it.


So you’re playing tournaments, you’re collecting rewards by finishing top 10 and 25, and you’re going up through the rankings. Well, guess what, there’s gonna be people watching. Banger will serve as a trampoline for professional gaming. Guilds are a huge part of competitive gaming, and for that reason, they have to be a huge part of Banger. Because of our ranking system, Guild scouts will have visibility of your performance and can reach you immediately.

The same thing goes for investors who want to purchase NFTs and lend them out to guilds or high-performing players. With time you will see how many guilds will invest in players according to their rankings, stats, and performance. This will eventually generate a competition we are genuinely excited about; Guild Wards.

Eventually, both individual players and Guilds will have the opportunity to showcase their winnings in the form of NFTs, prizes, collections, etc., another great opportunity to display the evolution of your journey. This takes us to our last feature.


Even though rewards and prizes have been a central point of conversation during this entire article, we believe they deserve their own section, and yes, we left the best for last.

If Smart tournaments are the king of Banger, rewards are more on a godly level. Rewards are the reason Banger was created in the first place. It gives meaning to the concept of ownership in gaming. It gives, for the first time, value to your game time beyond mere entertainment, and the best thing about it is that it comes in many shapes and sizes.

We have covered many times before how Banger rewards gamers for more than just winning, but even though today we are covering more the competitive aspect of things, we thought it was still an excellent opportunity to display all the different ways you, as a gamer, can earn rewards here at Banger.

  • Actions within the Banger Platform: Whether it’s content creation, live tournament stream, attending platform events, interacting with third-party servers, stream voting, or referring other users to the platform. The list goes on. But the main point is simple. Interacting with the Banger platform gets you rewarded.
  • Tournament Participation: 70% of the total pool prize goes straight to participants, distributed according to the rules of each tournament. Where does the rest go?
  • Tournament Creation: As a creator, you claim your rewards for sponsoring and attracting new gamers.
  • NFT Collectors: Our NFTs are the place where investors meet gamers. As a gamer who can’t afford high stake tournaments or simply doesn’t feel like investing in the platform, you can get sponsored by an NFT owner and share the rewards of your performance. As an investor, it’s an incredible source of passive income. A win-win situation.
  • Cloud Gaming: By sharing your CPU/GPU power with other gamers, you can also earn rewards. Sharing compute resources and enabling better network connectivity for all is something worth rewarding.

The most important thing to remember about our rewards is that they are delivered through our own currency; The Banger Coin. Like any other crypto, you can send your funds elsewhere, exchange them for your won currency, and spend your earnings in the real world.

As you can see, the opportunities are endless, and the rewards are real. We have created a platform with many different sources of income for all types of gamers, but especially for those who love to compete, regardless of their level. We want to allow those who want to grow their skills and still get rewarded in the process, and we think it’s a cause worth divulgating. We hope you believe so too.

Until next time.