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7 min readJun 7, 2022

Who owns your gaming time?

What is up, Banger Family

This week we wanted to take the opportunity to address what seems to be one of the most asked questions within the gaming community, which goes something like, why should we even care about blockchain and crypto-gaming in the first place?

It is a legitimate question, especially after seeing a first attempt within the blockchain space -the play-to-earn model — crash tremendously.

Here at Banger, we believe that there are several reasons why this is currently happening and would like to break them down for you.


  1. NFT games are boring as hell. It’s a fact. This is something we talked about several times before, and it is the main reason why gamers don’t want to get involved. Let’s take the best performing NFT game created so far; Axie infinity. So many people were playing it primarily because of the value of its token and its NFTs. The moment their value dropped, we saw a lot of users leave the space. WHY? Because people were in it for the money, and the game itself gets repetitive quite quickly.
  2. Play-to-earn games are unsustainable. So not only do we have to deal with clicking our way to extreme boredom, but there’s no guarantee our time invested will get rewarded as initially promised?. As a result of this first wave of Crypto games and NFT games under the play-to-earn model, it’s only normal that many gamers have developed a negative belief around the entire crypto gaming concept. The perception a big part of the gaming community is getting is that the crypto gaming space is not fun, unreliable, scammy, unsafe, and enslaving… No wonder gamers don’t want it.
  3. Valueless ownership. Then there’s the “many times used” concept of ownership. The only issue with the current state of what is available for ownership is that gamers don’t see the value in it because they don’t see its real-life usability. Because what good is a boat in the middle of the Sahara desert? Suddenly, one of the biggest strengths behind NFTs in gaming has evaporated because games are not appealing enough to have value for gamers regardless of the assets.
  4. High entry barriers: If all of that wasn’t enough, you see that the entry barriers are incredibly high just to enter and play. You need to understand chains, purchase crypto, link wallets, and buy the NFTs. It’s a challenge even for those excited to get into the space, imagine the appeal for all who are doubtful about it and feel like it could be unsafe… it’s a hard pass.

Does this mean that it is all a disaster and gaming and blockchain are done for good? On the contrary, we are just seeing the beginning of gaming adopting crypto and NFTs, and it is only normal to catch mistakes, doubts, and division. We not only understand it, but we also share your concerns.


As a company based on the blockchain, we sincerely believe in the potential of the technology to leverage deep and meaningful change in an industry where we believe we are not getting what we deserve for our time and commitment. However, we also think that many things have to change.

1 ) Fun Games: If we look at what is coming out soon in the second half of 2022, we see a pretty decent list of games that at least look like they can be on par with AAA games.

I’m talking about games like

  • Illuvium, which I’ve talked about before,
  • Many Gala Games Productions, such as the last Expedition made by some people involved in HALO.
  • AMC’s the walking dead is looking real promising,
  • Mirandas
  • Animoca
  • Sandbox is also looking like it could be there

A decent enough list of titles that are promising to create an ecosystem that is appealing and entertaining enough to want us to come back to it.

However, I’m not going to lie to you guys; 6 games aren’t going to change gamers’ views overnight and have them all jump into the crypto space. If anything, it will be a process because even these releases, which are creating huge expectations, are just proof of the concept of the evolution of crypto gaming. We are still to discover what will happen when we introduce NFT gaming within AAA quality titles.

2) Patience and Education: Yes, it seems like every day that goes by, we want things quicker, faster, and better. Crypto can go from zero to hero in 1 week or disappear simultaneously. However, the reality is that we are living the evolution of the Internet, hence the name Web 3, and this is a process that will take time. Let’s not forget bitcoin has been around for more than ten years now, and the number of players in the industry is growing exponentially by the minute. Even the bear market has been able to stop the growth of transactions and new incoming players.

While all of this happens, Banger strongly believes that education is one of the critical pillars of a safer and more reliable internet/ Web 3 space. DYOR is always great and necessary, and we advocate this practice for anyone looking to get in the space. Still, we also want to contribute with our part by creating original content around any of your doubts and questions, such as with this article.


In the meantime, as gaming evolves and we gamers see what opportunities come our way, we would like to give credit where credit is due because it is always easy to discredit and discard the events and tools that allow for a paradigm change. What do we mean by this?

Anytime the establishment evolves or is transformed, there’s a push against it. This is not about conspiracy theories about higher powers. This is just about our nature as human beings, one where we refuse to let go of our comfort zone. What we know and understand is where we are comfortable. And too often, as a collective, we throw away new potentials just because we don’t fully understand them. It happened to Galileo when he said the earth wasn’t flat. It happened when the internet was born and when crypto was first created.

At Banger we understand that the purpose behind crypto gaming and the play-to-earn model is a revolutionary one. Yes, it was poorly executed, but that’s normal, right?

The ethos behind Web 3 gets nowhere near enough noise as it should — the real and true purpose of creating more tangible democracy within our organizations. Giving gamers the power to vote over the development of a game gives them ownership of something over which they feel provides them value. Web 3 is a space where the management and decision-making are not just held by a few who look for ways always to make more at our cost.

Crypto and blockchain are tools, not agendas. I feel that as gamers, we deserve more. And that is not us wanting to take away from the companies that have brought us here. They have helped us access the information and resources that have made this leap possible, but we need to keep pushing forward. And that is something we deeply believe here at Banger, a business that has the interest of its users as priority number 1 because it was built by gamers.

So enough with the philosophical speech, how is Banger planning on doing things differently in a space that requires fresh ideas, quality developers, and patience?

  1. Get rewarded for playing the games you already love: Building great games are incredible, but allowing monetization with games you already love is even better. And that’s precisely Banger’s proposition. You can access the games you love the most, your all-time favorites, the top 10 in the chart, and allow in-game and in-platform objectives to serve as rewards with a unified token that you can use as you please. If it wasn’t clear enough, these styles of objectives are unrelated to competition and winning against opponents. It’s simply about rewarding your time. It’s claiming ownership over your time.
  2. Lowering entry barriers: As we mentioned before, the access barriers are so high it’s unappealing to enter. Banger also solves this with its custodial wallet, which, when translated into English, means that all you have to do to access and start earning is register with your standard 2-step-authentication like you would on any other platform nowadays. Want to take your Banger coins out of Banger and convert them into your currency. Perfect, that’s when you can discover how to do so through our tutorials and guidance. Don’t educate yourself to get in the game; educate yourself to claim your rewards. We thought that was more enticing and, most importantly, safe.
  3. Free-to-play: We believe in building trust and long-term relationships with all of you guys. That is the main reason for having completely free access to our platform and community. You can start by simply completing in-game and in-platform objectives, earning rewards, and slowly building up your wallet with our Banger coin. This only coin will allow you to purchase on the platform, but most importantly, it will be convertible into any currency of your choice.

We want to create a healthy community that can trust each other, and with the process of evolution, we are growing as an industry and a society. We believe that is a pretty strong community to be a part of, and we hope to see it grow with you inside it.

Let us know what other questions we can keep addressing and answering for you guys, we are committed to building one of the biggest and brightest communities in the industry, and we want you to be a part of it.

Until next time Bangers