What is the Metaverse, and why is it important for gaming?

The Metaverse is a term that you may have heard already, without being sure of its meaning; make no mistake, it will shape our future.

In broad terms, it refers to the multiple interconnected virtual worlds accessible through tech devices, where people can learn, work, play, and socialize.

The Metaverse is revolutionary in that it has no limitations on audience size, and spans across many different types of interlinked platforms, as well as digital and physical worlds (such as AR, augmented reality).

The Metaverse could be described as the next step after the Internet, just as the mobile Internet (Web 2.0) built upon and expanded the early Internet of the 1990s and 2000s (Web 1.0). This aggregate of limitless virtual worlds has its own fully functioning economy, complete with digital currencies, interactions and payment processes.

Gaming and the Metaverse

The gaming ecosystem is integral to the development of the Metaverse. As you can see from the diagram, the industry’s presence in these new virtual worlds will be highly significant, with the third-largest share after computer components and cloud solutions.

The cutting-edge IoG (Internet of Gaming) network of Banger Games, which connects and rewards all user types within the industry for completing objectives and contributing towards the growth of its ecosystem, will function within the Metaverse.

The Metaverse’s boundless interconnectivity means that digital assets, such as Bomb coin, the virtual currency of Banger Games, can be carried across platforms, while its decentralized content and experiences are created by individual users and huge corporations alike, offering gamers the ultimate creator economy.

How will Banger Games users benefit from the Metaverse?

In terms of Banger Games, users will be able to enjoy a vast range of activities in the Metaverse, from running their own SMART tournaments with verifiably random prizes, to creating and earning digital assets, authenticated and transacted through the power of

(non-fungible tokens), and offering cloud and network space in a P2P system using Bomb coin as currency.

Entrepreneur and games designer Jon Radoff explains in this article that there are seven layers of the Metaverse. Briefly, these are: experience (games, esports); discovery (advertising, social); creator economy (design tools, monetization); spatial computing (VR, AR); decentralization (edge computing, blockchain); human interface (wearables, haptics); and infrastructure (Cloud, 6G, WIFI 6). Banger Games and its IoG will be involved in almost every one of these layers.

Meet Banger Games user, James

Think of this sample scenario: a Banger Games user called James creates a SMART tournament with other competitive gamers around the world, complete with rewards, earned in the form of Bomb coin and verified by Chainlink.

James increases his ranking, and, as a result, is rewarded with more Bomb coin, which he uses to create his own skin. He can sell this digital asset as an NFT, using the proceeds to buy more skins from other users, thereby ploughing his gains back into the ecosystem.

Our loyal BG user is also rewarded for offering cloud gaming capacity to others, helping to grow the platform. Later, James will be able to improve his gameplay in specific games using AR tutorials.

How fast is the Metaverse growing?

After the recent global pandemic, with so much interaction shifting to the online world, the interest in digital entertainment services has accelerated massively. This has led to predictions that the Metaverse’s evolution and development will speed up exponentially — to being one of the largest industries within just 10 years, with a predicted value of $2.5T by 2030. Watch this space.

Look out for more articles coming soon about hot Banger Games topics, including exciting future developments with Bomb coin.

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Game the system.

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