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3 min readJul 5, 2022

We’ve done it again. We’ve crossed the barrier of originality and creativity just like the Concord did with sound. We created our own podcast. The only crypto gaming podcast where the financial advice is reliable and should always be followed. — END OF IRONY

Jokes aside, we just started our own podcast, and it’s something we are genuinely excited about.

Here at Banger, we are a multicultural bunch that works remotely in more than 12 different countries. our first episode was proof of that (, where the 4-way cast was all spread out in different countries. As you can imagine (and this is standard in the industry), none of the team members participating had met in person, so there was a lot of genuine curiosity and intrigue about the chemistry on set. The results couldn’t have been better, but we rather you be the judge of that! Regardless, we looked at how spread out our team was, and we realized that Banger Cast was, above anything, the perfect way for our team to bond and connect.

Led by our Content Creation team Nuno Bianchi and Alvaro Bonnelly, the show gives voice to Banger’s team members, their backgrounds, opinions on the industry, and, more importantly, their contributions to the company.

For many of us, working in a cutting-edge industry is a privilege. We felt there is a lot to be explained and clarified about how the industry works and potentially how to get yourself in it, if interested.

However, our idea with Banger Cast was also to dive into how a Crytpo Gaming Company works, how we have managed to raise $10 Million, and how we intend to deliver value to all our users.

Explaining what Banger is and how we are solving a big problem for gamers has always been a challenge. Not many blockchain gaming companies out there combine traditional and crypto gaming. There certainly isn’t one company out there that offers gamers the possibility to monetize their favorite games, regardless of the publisher. Explaining what has never been done before is always a challenge, and we thought that the best way to do so was the most natural, unscripted way possible; a podcast.

The best thing about “Banger Cast” is that although the goal is clear, how we achieve it — is entirely open, almost to the point of absolute improvisation. What better way to explain what we are than by chatting with the people that make it possible? In our first episode, we brought in the head of tokenomics Yohan Guney along with developer Ante Souza and discussed everything from how they joined Banger to why they believe Web 3 is here to stay. With Nuno in Brazil, Yohan in Turkey, Alvaro in Spain, and Ante in Croatia, the first Banger Cast was as international and multicultural as a cast can get, a topic that was not overlooked.

The intention of Banger Cast, however, is not only to have a look at the Banger Team but also to look at all the different partners that make up the banger Ecosystem.

One of the main reasons for our community to have over 80K members before launch is thanks to the strength of our partnerships. From the almighty IBM or Microsoft to the UX/UI masters “Fantasy,” our colleagues in crime are helping us in countless ways to make sure we deliver our promise; to become the biggest gaming community out there. Technology, platform look and feel, platform usability, market penetration, community engagement, you name it, we’ve got it covered.

And so, we believe it brings a tremendous amount of value to have our partners join us to discuss how they are helping Banger reach its goals and how Banger is allowing them to enter the Web 3 gaming space, one that has more eyes on it than ever before.

How many companies, not just in crypto but in any industry, can bring together the likes of IBM and Fantasy in the same room? Exactly dear Bangers, not many at all.

So we hope you are as excited as we are for this new format of content that is here to stay and promises to be the perfect combination of entertainment, industry latest, and Banger nuggets.

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Until next time Bangers.