If you are reading this, then that only means one thing. You, my friend, are not only a gamer, you´re a Banger. Don´t you just love how that sounds? Because if you are reading these words right now it means that you have either been following us in our evolution for the past 2 years, or you have found us before our launch. In any case, you are here early, and you know what happens with Gaming Crypto projects in 2022 when you arrive early right? Especially if that project has the dimensions of one like Banger Games. Because, no, we are not a Play2Earn game, although we love their potential. We are not an AAA publisher either, although we love to play their games. And no, we are not a competitive gaming team, although we plan to reunite them all in one place.

What Banger Games is, you will only find out if you keep reading, but what I can assure you, as a gamer, is that there is nothing else out there with the ambition, capacity, team, funding, and roadmap that matches Banger games. So put on your seat belt, cause this ride is about to get wild.

Our platform is quickly evolving and almost ready for launch. We wanted to take this opportunity to clarify some fundamental points around our roadmap, features, and uniquenesses that make us the Gaming Hub not only of Web3 and the Metaverse but of all gamers, regardless of age or category.

To best develop the essence of what Banger Games is and how it intends to develop, we have gathered the TOP 3 MOST FAQ from the multiple AMA´s we have had in the past months and compiled them so you have an initial glimpse of what the present and the future of Banger Games looks like.

Banger games is a unified Hub for all Gamers. Whether you are a competitive gamer, streamer, you´re interested in Blockchain P2E, or simply want to enjoy a match with your buddies, Banger Games provides the opportunities for all gamers to come together in one single community and profit from participating in it.

Our platform aims to be an aggregator for all players in the gaming industry from top publishers of AAA games to the everyday gamer. This means integrating as many games as possible, whilst also bringing the crypto gaming experience directly to you, and all the opportunities to monetize that come with it.

Banger Games is a blockchain-powered business that has created its own competitive gaming structure called Smart Tournaments. All of our users’ competitive experiences are done through smart contracts, guaranteeing that we aren’t ever handling entry fees or prize money, and therefore providing an automated and secure experience. In our hub, it’s not just about building a combined user experience and improving your current gaming, but ensuring that everything is transparent, and you have control and ownership over your experience.

Unlike with today’s big games where publishers dictate what happens, we want to give the power back to the gamers, because we are gamers and we know what it’s like to be gamers today. This is Banger’s ultimate philosophy.

2. What does Banger Games’ future look like?

Currently, we find our platform in the early stages of development. Most of our main and most groundbreaking features will be integrated within the next 1 to 2 years. We are talking about apps across all platforms, desktop, mobile, and console. But most importantly, our goal is to provide an experience as seamless as possible between in-game time and the platform itself.

Our experience with other gaming and tournament platforms so far has been almost polarising, where you go from gaming to a really cold businessy web-based experience that kind of ruined our experience as gamers.

However, that is just in terms of the look and feel of the platform itself, because what makes it groundbreaking is the array of integrations and possibilities we want to offer gamers of all kinds. And it´s exactly the fact that we aim to serve all gamers and not just high-performance gamers, which stands as the backbone of this organization.

Some of our favorite features to come to include our P2P Cloud Gaming Ecosystem where you can rent out your equipment and be a part of the growth of other gamers with fewer resources, and make a profit for it (or vice versa of course). We can´t forget about our rewards system either. This new way of distributing rewards is really on the front edge of the Gaming, and this example might help you understand why:

Finally, and to close this section off, the feature which Banger Games feels is the ultimate revolution, to the point where we have given it its very own name: The Internet of Gaming, a decentralized metaverse run by gamers that rewards all user types for completing objectives and contributing to the growth of the network. This of course can be achieved in multiple fashions, whether it’s just by participating in tournaments, in-game objectives, creating content, watching Live-Streams, or any other way you can think of where thanks to the users’ actions, the network grows. This is a game-changer for one simple reason, and it’s that YOU, the gamer, are no longer just a winner or a loser, you are now the architect of the system itself.

3. When are you launching and what features will be ready for launch?

We are still in the early stages of development. In our overall vision, there are a lot of things upcoming that we will discuss when looking at the roadmap.

The limited closed beta is coming up in Q2 2022, and those who take part will have the possibility to be the first ones to earn our token. Feedback from our users at this stage is also going to be fundamental, as we want you to feel like creators of a platform built for gamers by gamers.

These are the main features ready for our Beta Launch in the following quarter:

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