The only hub for all gamers: How The Banger hub is set to lead a new era of gaming

Hey, Bangers. Todays´ article is an important ONE. Because we like the number ONE, but then again, who doesn’t. We all like to finish N1. We like to be Unique. We want to be chosen First. And this article is the First time that we will be defining Banger in a way that integrates both concept and practice, theory and experience. Today we define ourselves, and yes we need a whole article to do so, that’s just how unique we are. Because Banger is a Hub, The ONLY Hub for ALL gamers.

So, you might be asking yourself; are you sure there isn’t anything hub-like out there?. Well, there are platforms (yes we also have our very own platform) but most of them focus on competitive gaming or the games they produce in-house. There are communities (of course community is priority number one for us) that focus mostly on interaction and information, but they don´t provide tools, software, or ranking systems. We know Guilds are massive (which we are currently congregating together within us) but a Guild is a defined structure and requires a certain level of quality and commitment to become a part of.

However, the ultimate reality is that there’s nothing out there that integrates all three of these components, and aggregates on top of them a large selection of earning possibilities that go beyond the simple web-page play-to-earn frenzy that is currently so popular.

I really can´t stand this Play-to-earn model. Gaming is enjoyment, why change it?

One of the most important things you need to know about Banger is that we are gamers ourselves, which is why we deeply identify with this sense of rejection towards the play-to-earn rules. To counter this, we have prioritized including AAA games in our ecosystem. However the gaming industry is evolving at an exponential pace, and as a business looking to change the gaming paradigm, we need to look at the possibilities these new models can provide.

What we have found is that there is huge unexplored potential within the combination of blockchain technology, a deep understanding of the new crypto gaming economic systems, and the capacity to identify where the p2e models have gone wrong. By understanding and analyzing these variables, we have extracted the most relevant features of the p2e, and adapted them into the more classical gaming model which we all enjoy and love. By doing so we give more control back to the gamers, who have seen how as the years went past and new generations of the same games came along, none of their purchases were owned by them, and eventually disappeared as the games evolved.

What we are talking about here is a model that we feel is outdated, where the gamer is the product rather than the end consumer.

Thanks to the power of Blockchain technology and NFTs, we have seen the opportunity to radically reverse this situation and put players back in control of their assets, all the way from skins, guns, and cards, all the way to your gaming equipment itself.

Such has been our effort to create an ecosystem, a hub, with this amount of power, that we have made just as much noise in the crypto-project-investor community than we have in the gaming community. This effect in itself is a result of the ambition of this project. When we say One Hub for All Gamers, we mean it.

Banger has developed a series of SDKs for our partners that allow us to integrate ALL types of publishers, regardless of their size, budget, or style of game they produce. At the end of the day, what is the purpose of joining a hub if you can´t play the games you love, right?

Ok ok, I understand, but what really makes you a hub and not just a multigame distribution service or platform?

Great question. A Hub is defined above all because it is an effective center of activity or network. That is at the core of what we are doing, being effective at providing a second layer service for your gaming experience, where your reward systems and in-game objectives are completed and acknowledged without it becoming a distraction. A platform where your tournament set-up and ranking systems encourage you to keep playing and keep coming back to see the progress you’ve achieved. And most importantly, an ecosystem where all your achievements, regardless of the game, get collected under one same ranking, one same wallet, and one same currency, allowing you to explore NFTs and equipment marketplaces and shop, shop, shop!

However, that is not the only thing that defines a Hub. The network is the second and fundamental component that represents the heart and soul of this project. Life is here to be shared, and what would be the point in all of this if we couldn´t share it with our loved ones.

We are creating an infrastructure that has crypto-investors with their eyes peeled. Not only do we have a banger academy to incentivize growth and group aid amongst our users, but we also have a revolutionary concept under our belt, planned for 2023 called Cloud Gaming, which at its core will enable users to rent their equipment to others that don’t have the necessary technology to play certain games. Basically “Sith” trojan-hackers technology brought to the “Jedi” side of the force allowing gamers to grow together.

To say goodbye to all of you, we wanted to kind of quote Bono, from U2 (the fact that we are even using this reference is a demonstration of the ambition of Banger wanting to reach all gamers alike, even old ones like myself). As much as we love the number One, just like Bono, It’s not just about “One Love, One Life, One need”, it’s not just about “One Hub”. What it’s really about, is you guys, the gamers, and we, want to create a Hub, for All Gamers’’.

Forgive me for the unpoetic lyric adaptation. Why don´t we stick with what we know works best. Bangers, it’s time to Game the System.

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