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5 min readAug 3, 2022

The Banger Boom

What is up, Bangers!

Remember the baby boom? No? Well, I don’t blame you because we are talking about a generation that barely got the chance to game and is already grandparenting for the most part. The also referred to as “boomers” are considered to be all of those born between the years 1946 and 1964. The question is, why baby boomers?

Simply put, after a long fought WWII, there was a more significant need for love-giving, love-receiving, and love-making than anything else. And so it happened, with all the brave soldiers coming back home, there was a big boom in the baby-making business. Pull the curtain 60 years later, and we find ourselves with a different boom, and although this time around, it’s not so much about storks flying babies like there’s no tomorrow; it is undoubtedly about growth and creation. What exactly are we talking about that is worth comparing to birth itself? Well, the gaming industry, of course!

To begin with, gaming has experienced a change of perception and ultimate meaning, going from a hobby for geeky teens to a lifestyle for the masses. It wasn’t cool to be a gamer 20 years ago; a few of us in Banger can give credit for that. Now, not only is gaming cool, but it has a massive increase in the range of demographics that consider themselves a part of our world. And that’s without even looking at the numbers. We currently stand at a total of 2.6 billion gamers, representing over 35% of the population. If that wasn’t enough, the industry is worth more than film and music combined, for an astonishing $180B in revenue in 2021 alone.

But hold on to your horses’ peeps, because gaming is not the only boom going around. Have you ever heard of Cryptocurrencies? The different currencies that support and power Web 3 and Blockchain technology have received their fair share of hype, and there’s also an excellent reason for it. Statista has defined the total worth of Web 3 to be $47.48B in 2022 and is set to soar to $678.7 billion by 2030.

So what would happen if you were to build a company under 2 of the most roaring spaces contributing to the growth of our global economy?

Another boom would occur, a Banger Boom. Aren’t we humble in comparing ourselves to one of the most significant outbursts of life the past 100 years have seen? We consider ourselves humble at heart, but we are incredibly proud to be a part of two of the most thriving spaces in the current market. The result is that hundreds of different businesses want to invest, create and launch businesses within this Crypto gaming context.

In the past, we´ve talked about the great addition our partners have meant for us in departments such as technology, design, market reach, or community building, with big names such as IBM, Microsoft, or Fantasy taking a leap of faith in us and supporting our journey.

To better understand our partner’s processes alongside us and identify how they have contributed to getting us where we are right now, we invited a couple of field leaders for Fantasy and IBM to join us in our podcast.

Both with Fantasy´s Experience Leader San Scott — ​​ -

and IBM Client Engineering Leader Luis Roca Marsal

we shared, above everything else, a great time, getting to know them at a personal level, but more importantly, getting to understand their vision of Banger and the future of our collaboration.

What we learned wasn´t only fascinating; it was highly gratifying.

For Fantasy, Banger is their first venture in the crypto gaming space. So they went to work to best understand our competition, customer personas, and overall industry solutions offered.

By doing so, Sam shared with us how he understood his very own values of curiosity and competition to be at the backbone of what Banger is also building. This created a sense for Sam and Fantasy to be building something important alongside us rather than for us. This change in perception and concept is huge for us since we believe in collaborative work and decentralized operations rather than a simple client-agency relationship. What Sam was saying was — I share my vision with this brand; therefore, I believe in it and want to be a part of making it grow.

On the other hand, IBM´s Lead client engineer had a warm talk with us about how many times clients’ perception of IBM is very different from reality. Many times viewed as old, serious, and corporate, Luis offered a very friendly, youthful, and vibrant perspective on his passion for finding the best possible technological solutions for businesses. He went on about the importance for IBM to establish partnerships like the one with Banger, which gave them the chance to test new technologies and also rejuvenate their perceived image.

So as a conclusion in this gorilla-like chest pounding that this article is, partnerships should always go two ways, healthy ones at least. For weeks we have been defining the depth of our partner’s impact on our development and future success; however, today, we thought it was fair to dive deeper into how we bring value to our partners.

And to be entirely fair, beyond the fact that we combine industries with incredible potential and are disrupting the gaming ecosystem with all the possibilities that it carries, I genuinely believe the main reason our partners are backing us up has to do with the quality of the people behind this team.

From our young and talented founders to this (already established as not humble) writer, our values are what set us apart from the rest. Yes, we are building a reward and objective system on top of our gamers’ habits so that their experience is enriched. Still, the reality is that we are gamers ourselves, and we feel gamers deserve recognition for leading the industry to where it is in the first place. Yes, we want to build the best-looking second-layer platform the world has ever seen, but only because curiosity and innovation are at the core of every member of this team, and that is something that then reflects on the course Banger itself is taking.

So, although not the Brady bunch (yes, that is a boomer reference, guys) we are a proud bunch. We’re proud because of who we surround ourselves with and the volumes that speak about us as a team.

We hope this makes you want to be a part of what we are building too, because the search for partners is a never-ending one, and the Banger Boom has just begun.