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5 min readJul 20, 2022

Tanking it right

Tanks, you gotta love them. No, we are not talking about the military weapon; we’re talking about the gaming characters necessary for every co-op team. The unofficial, unspoken leader of any group, tanks lead by action, not by word. But don’t think it’s just about the brute force. Tanks need to know how much their party can handle at once and position themselves correctly to pull their enemies’ attention without risking everything. They will take the hits for the rest of the group but then, of course, will receive healing for their brave actions. Tanks must stay on top of strategies to know the best timings and paths.

Tanks aren’t just extraordinary leaders but incredibly good at breaking barriers, facing adversity, and moving forward despite difficulties. You can see where this is going, right? Yes, we like to think of ourselves as a solid tank, especially at these times.

We’ve mentioned before how our team and community see Banger as a big part of this current evolution gaming is undergoing. Giving gamers ownership over their game time and allowing them to monetize the games they love to play is groundbreaking. And not only for gamers. Publishers don’t have to do any sort of development, for their integration within the platform runs entirely on us. That is what tanking it right is all about, making life easier for all industry players.

Tanking is never easy, especially if you’re doing it from Banger’s perspective. As discussed in previous articles, Banger’s new vision of the gaming industry is only possible thanks to blockchain technology and the Web 3 ethos behind it.

Like a tank, the Web 3 ethos functions under specific core values. Yes, technology is revolutionary, but it wouldn’t stick around and have the potential to change the world as we know it if it wasn’t for two fundamental principles: trust and value.

Just like the rest of the characters in any co-op game need to trust their tank to inflict damage to their opponent while protecting them, Web 3 users trust the blockchain thanks to its capacity to establish rules based on code that provides consensus and allows for transparent and verifiable transactions. This is why Web 3 is a game changer. Because blockchains will enable us to define our shared truths precisely and because the record itself is shared across all participants, there is a whole new “trust space” we can explore, searching for more valuable kinds of transactions.

Valuable transactions take us straight to our second principle, which is no other than value. We could say that value is established by the shared truths or stories we create around products and services. For example, because the stories and the truths behind Bitcoin are entirely different from FIAT currencies, meaning the context that defines Bitcoin isn’t based upon the same principles and rules, we can understand it and establish a unique value.

But let’s explore something very close to us, the play-to-earn model. This eruption of blockchain gaming promised users value in the form of a monetizable token by simply playing a game. This was the shared truth; you play, you earn. However, the models’ established rules were faulty, not considering the lack of attractiveness of the games or sustainability of the economic model. And so, after a few made money and many lost it, trust was broken, and value plummeted.

However, value does not only stand for monetary utility. It also stands for innovation, responsibility, leadership, and much more. And although trust in the model was lost, it is crucial to see the value behind certain innovative aspects. We’re talking about ownership, empowerment, and retribution for game-time.

Although failing to succeed, the play-to-earn model partially tanked the path for blockchain gaming, giving the rest of the players a clearer vision of what is essential and what needs to change.

Here at Bangers, we are looking to pave the way for gamers and publishers, so together, we can develop a new way of creating value in a win-win scenario. One where gamers monetize their time while having fun is priority number 1. One where publishers reach larger audiences and become a part of the change, entering the blockchain space at no costs. One where value and trust are the building blocks for a sustainable and profitable industry for all players.

As impressive and ambitious our objectives are, the truth is that just like any tank, there’s a whole bunch of people behind supporting and making this possible. Thanks to us, they can join the space and enter new realms. Thanks to them, we can build better ecosystems and user experiences.

For Fantasy, the UX/UI giant, Banger is their first Blockchain gaming project, and they couldn’t be doing a better job. Thanks to them, we have a platform that looks and feels like the cream of the crop.

IBM has been helping us from the very beginning, and with us, they are launching their first blockchain gaming collaboration, with an NFT launch included. Thanks to them, we have created technology such as the anti-cheat that builds on top of that trust principle we’ve previously mentioned.

Microsoft needs no introduction, and they have supported us for over a year providing game server and infrastructure costs. This allowed us to create the highest quality CSGO gameplay experience for our users, the first game in our Beta.

Banger is building a platform that unites industries and audiences. It, therefore, has to work with different partners to meet the expectations of the different markets and audiences we intend on reaching.

GSR & G20 are both market makers and are collaborating with us to manage the market making of the Banger Coin on exchanges, helping maintain the healthiest possible price action and liquidity pools.

Horizen labs, a Crypto space leader who has worked with Yugalabs, Dash, and Animoca, and managed the listings of the APE coin, will handle our token launch strategy. Alongside our market makers, they are working on listing our token through an IEO on multiple CEXs from day one.

Polygon, the ETH layer two that has recently received funding from Disney, is a vital part of our architecture. Thanks to them, we have created an integrated ecosystem and built our smart tournaments. Polygon allows us to offer our tools to the Gamefi ecosystem (built on Polygon blockchain) and run our tournaments.

As you can see, our tanking is done with the safety and security that comes from having partners such as the previously listed. As brave as we think of ourselves, we know this is only possible thanks to our partners and community support. At the same time, we feel proud to be able to offer solutions we think are much needed by all the different players of the gaming world.

We hope you feel the same way and keep getting your support so that together we can enter a new era of gaming.

Until next time Bangers.