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What’s cracking Bangers!

If last week we talked about the recently refurbished Play & Earn model () and everything new and SUSTAINABLE it has to offer, this week we want to get a bit more personal with all of you guys, our early adopters.

The truth is, it’s been a crazy start to the year, not just for us but for the entire world (we all know what’s going on there) and, of course, this beautiful and fast-evolving industry of ours. One of the biggest news this past April was Ethereum’s announcing a delay on its new merge, or Ethereum 2.0, where they will be transitioning from proof of work towards proof of stake. The news, even though disappointing, came as no surprise, for many blockchain-based companies are seeing their roadmaps being pushed back. It seems like there’s a pattern going on. Now, what does this have to do with Banger? We thought this was an excellent opportunity to sympathize with Ethereum, considering how much their future depends on Banger’s wellbeing, and pushed back our Token Generation Event to September (I hope the irony came through there. Otherwise, I have seriously jeopardized my job).

Jokes aside, even though we have pushed back TGE, our roadmap is intact, and our feedback on the current stage we find ourselves in, Closed Beta testing, couldn’t be better (you can check it out by joining our Discord channel and looking at the comments ).

Important dates are coming up in the roadmap (all detailed further down) that you don’t want to miss.

But the news here today, and what we wanted to share with you in the most secretive way possible, is why we are talking about a roadmap “Evolution” and why we have decided to postpone our TGE. The truth is that it’s not a roadmap evolution at all. It’s more of platform evolution. It’s one of the biggest news we’ve had in a long time, to the point that we are preparing a press release around it, but we wanted to sneak it in here for our faithful fans first.

Because we are creating a world, or better yet, a platform of Fantasy, one that will make us the best gaming platform in the world with an operating system and a platform interface right up there with the biggest companies in the world, such as Google, Netflix, Samsung, Tesla or UFC just to name a few. If you haven’t figured out what is so fantastic about what we are creating, you need to stay posted for a big announcement coming up in the following weeks.

Another big news is our NFT collection which is being dropped in Q3. Look at the calendar, guys; that is right around the corner, and trust me, it is a collection you will want to be a part of. There’s not another blockchain-based gaming company that has created an NFT collection with as many utilities. It simply has not been done. Add an incredible Artist (seriously, guys, communications start during Q2, it’s coming soon, we promise), and you have a collection for the ages.

Lastly, the main reason for tweaking the roadmap is the addition of marketing giants in the crypto and NFT space as our partners. We want to make sure we are represented by the best. Market Across and IBC are 2 of the four agencies working hand in hand with us. The other two are, again, announcements soon to be made.

Overall, the general idea behind our roadmap evolution is the addition of different partnerships at various levels, adding more value, knowledge, and experience to a young team like ours. Our promise to you guys is to offer the best gaming platform the crypto space has ever seen, so you can enjoy your favorite games and monetize them while you’re at it. And that is what we are going to deliver. However, on top of that, we want you to enjoy the experience of being in banger. We want you to socialize, create content, and interact in our Metaverse. For this to become a reality, we need the best of the best with us. That is precisely what we’ve done.

With all that said, we promise more specifics in the next four weeks. Many announcements are coming up, and you want to stay tuned; it’s about to get wild. Here’s a recap of the roadmap ahead.

Roadmap Stages

  1. CLEAR FOR TAKE OFF — Closed Beta — Q2 2022

Closed Beta: Our BETA testing, exclusively run with CSGO, has been on for some time now, and it has been a massive success. As we mentioned before all you have to do is join our discord to read the comments, and message us if you want to be a part of it.

Objective System: One of the main things being tested was our in-game Objective system, allowing our players to start earning for completing tasks both in-game and in-platform. This is at the core of what we want to provide for all of you, monetization for AAA games beyond competition and esports, and we are achieving it.

2. LIFT OFF — Smart Beta, NFT Drop & TGE- Q3–2022

NFT Drop: It’s finally happening. Our own NFT collection is packed with utility for our users like no other blockchain gaming company, and an artist that will most definitely surprise you all. Our most exciting milestone to come, without a doubt.

Smart Beta with Smart Tournaments: One of our most exciting features is the integration of smart contracts within tournaments, defining rules, reward distribution, and data reliability, in the most automated possible way known to date. There is no way more transparent and auditable out there. This type of code is known as a decentralized application, an app built on a decentralized network that combines a smart contract and a frontend user interface.

Custodial Wallet: Our goal is to reach all gamers alike, so it was important for us to reduce entry barriers for non-crypto natives. To do so we have created our own custodial wallet. A web 2 wallet where we manage secret keys and transactions, facilitating the registration process, a lot.

TGE: You know it’s about to get real when TGE arrives. Ours is planned for September, and it will be an ERC-20 with a bridge to the Bangerchain, which takes us to our next point.

Bangerchain: The Bangerchain is nothing other than the Blockchain that runs our ecosystem. The main purpose of having our own chain is to reduce gas fees and improve transaction fees.

Staking: We have always stated how important it is for us to reward our early adopters. Our staking plan will help us achieve this with a 3-year plan soon to be shared.

3. LIGHT SPEED — Open Beta — Q4 2022

Open Beta: By the time Q4 arrives, we will be officially launching our new platform, with its entire UX and UI designed by our newly incorporated partner Fantasy. We’re planning another big event.

Rank Systems: The ultimate gamification tool, our ranking system, both for individual games and for the collective platform is our main reference for reward distribution outside tournaments, and will define your Banger status.

Team & Guild Management: We are a big fan of Guilds, so we want to provide Guilds and Teams with better tools to manage, recruit and train their members to improve performance and efficiency.


The not-so-far-away future will be defined by a platform that will go beyond gaming. What we are working on is creating The Banger ecosystem a combination of Web 2 and Web 3 gaming for the various stakeholders within the industry. The platform will be divided into 4 main product areas, including, Studio.Banger, Partner.Banger, and Governance.Banger.

Much more is yet to be developed and communicated, but all will arrive at its due time. We have an incredibly exciting Q2 and especially Q3 ahead of us, and we want to savor it with you. Stay tuned for all that is to come. Banger out!



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