Real-world rewards.

Now that’s a concept you haven’t heard too often in gaming. Of course, here at Banger, we are not about the usual; we are all for the revolutionary, the groundbreaking, the ever-changing.

Welcome once again, dear Bangers. We are now one week closer to our launch, and as cold as the crypto winter is right now, it’s warm and sunny in our headquarters because life is good if you’re a Banger.

With tremendous success at our closed Beta, we now look forward to implementing all feedback and getting ready for our next Smart Beta, only a couple of months away, while Fantasy (the agency behind Netflix UI and UX) builds our interface. We had the privilege of seeing the first drafts of what it would look like, and this is what our CMO, Marc Diaz, had to say about it; “Guys, this is going to blow people’s minds. It’s not even about gaming anymore… we are transforming entertainment as we know it.”

The “why’s” behind our CMO’s comments are something that we can’t disclose just yet because it’s not just about the look and feel of the platform; it’s about the experience it creates from the moment you step in it, and it’s exciting as hell. So, for now, let’s just say that Fantasy is not only living up to its reputation, they’re going for the Hall of Fame of agencies status.

However, today’s topic of conversation has more to do with the ecosystem behind Fantasies mastery, Banger’s earning system, and the vehicle used to make all earnings on the banger platform have a “real-world” benefit. This is possible thanks to the star of our show: The Banger Coin. Let’s take a deep dive to understand how it all works.


Our token, the Banger coin, is our currency. It’s not just about getting rewarded with it; it’s about creating a community that earns, invests, hires, and purchases with one single currency. Indeed, the primary way of earning banger coins is by gaming (regardless of the game you play), whether it’s through in-game objectives, in-platform objectives, or tournaments.

The real beauty of having your token is that we can thoroughly plan how we decide to allocate its distribution to ensure the perfect combination of juicy rewards with a sustainable economic structure that provides the growth of its value.

Two hundred million tokens are allocated for in-game rewards planned for distribution monthly between the first four years. What makes us so different from the rest of blockchain gaming companies? We offer this AT A FREEMIUM LEVEL. No initial coin purchase is required to start gaming and access this pool of Banger coins.

These tokens are to be distributed equally amongst all players, meaning the more people who come in, the less each gamer will collect (we like to encourage our early adopters). However, our external audit has already confirmed that with this scenario happening, it is likely to see the value of the coin going up. With more players coming in, the coin’s value rises, and we have a win-win situation. This token pool represents 20% of our total tokens.

What happens after four years when the prizes allocated for tokens and staking have run out? Simple, all token expenditure in the platform will have a large percentage of the coins replenish the reward pool.

There are several ways we will accomplish this.

  • Tournament fees: Whenever people pay entrance into a tournament, we take a small percentage of that entry.
  • NFT marketplace: We are building a marketplace that can hold our own NFTs and those of the games we have also integrated into our platform. It will be massive and represent a significant source of income through the transaction fees we will take, which will be 5% of our own NFTs and 2,5% of other third-party assets.
  • Challenges: A smaller, more accessible way of competing at a more 1vs1 level with friends or leveled rivals.
  • Cloud Gaming: Our final step in the roadmap where through p2p CPU/GPU sharing, you can earn tokens for renting out your servers.

What’s most relevant is that from these revenue streams, we will be reinvesting 90% of all tokens earned through transactions, replenishing the reward system token pool, and guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of the token’s value. This is our promise to the community, one which we believe holds the key to our success and your wealth.

However, we feel it’s important to talk about how our ecosystem empowers users to earn Banger coins beyond gaming, and the main way to do this is through Staking.

Our staking plan is an industry-standard, where you can lock your assets either for 0, 3, 6, or 12 months. Of course, the longer you lock them up, the higher the percentage you will get back in return. That being said, you can lock them with zero commitment and still make money back.

120 Million tokens, meaning 12% out of the total, are allocated towards staking, injected at a decreasing monthly rate. This means that in year one, the stakes will start at their peak during month one and gradually go down until the last month of year three. Again, our goal is no other than to compensate for the faith and vision early adopters will have in our project.

At the same time, the logic behind this from an ecosystem sustainability perspective is that the more people locked up on the token, the less side sell pressure the token will suffer. The more people that lock up the token, the quicker the price goes up, and the more people buy in. However, this has nothing to do with the game itself; instead, we are making a sustainable environment for the token to thrive and justify our dear investors their initial bet on our unicorn potential.

We believe it is also worth mentioning how our soon-to-come NFT collections will be a big part of the earning/rewards ecosystem. However, we want to save this for a whole other discussion.

Believe us, Bangers, we are weeks away from the Banger revolution, and we cannot express how excited and confident we are about it all. We hope you are too.

In the next few weeks, we will start talking with different people within the Banger team to understand better the complexity of what we are trying to create. We hope to see you all there.

Until next time, Banger out!


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