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4 min readJul 13, 2022

Partners. The best stories come out of solid partnerships. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption, John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction, and the Rockford Peaches in A league of their own. The list goes on. Good partnerships make great stories when partners complete each other and remind us of the importance of teamwork and camaraderie.

Albeit fictional, films mirror the different events, relations, and conflicts of our lives. And in the real world, partnerships are just as relevant, if not more. Associating with fellow mind-like people or companies allows you to think bigger, split the load, expand your reach, improve your infrastructure, and most importantly, share the sweet taste of victory.

The famous American coach, Tony Robbins, talks about “leverage” when building a business. He means that if you want to create a successful business, doing everything yourself is unreasonable and unproductive. So by leveraging all the different tasks that would be better and more efficiently executed by an expert in the field, you’re saving time and money and achieving a better result. This principle applies both to entrepreneurs and businesses of all likes.

Here at Banger, as we have previously discussed, we are building a community that combines two different industries, Gaming and Crypto, but in a way never done before. It’s not about the play-to-earn or click-to-earn but instead on integrating the best of both worlds. This means providing monetization through blockchain technology for your favorite AAA and AA games.

Innovation at this level takes time, courage, and experience. The complexity of the task becomes evident when we look at the partners we have teamed up with. Our content manager and the face of Banger, Nuno Bianchi, recently created a video showcasing our entire list of partners, which you can watch here (

Some have been with us from the very start, such as IBM and Microsoft, and their value and contributions are immense. They have helped us develop critical aspects of our technology, such as our anti-cheat, smart tournaments, in-platform messaging, and much more.

Others such as Fantasy have joined recently and are giving us incredible value by helping us build the most interactive platform in gaming. Having the experience of building platform interfaces for Xbox, Google, Samsung, Huawei, and the almighty Netflix, their talent and know-how consistently amaze us. It has us incredibly excited even when looking at the very first iterations of our platform.

Then comes the integration of Banger within the crypto space and blockchain technology. Not an easy task, so we decided to build with leaders in the space, such as Polygon, chainlink, and Horizen Labs. Three juggernauts in the crypto world, especially in building, scaling, and reaching the market quicker.

But what good would it be to have the best and prettiest platform in the world if we didn’t have all of you guys to enjoy it? To help us build community, we brought along marketing heavyweights Market across and IBC, which together manage brands such as Decentraland, Solana, eToro, Splinterlands, and Sincity.

So what do all of these partners have in common? They are all industry leaders. They are the best at what they do and have been carefully selected.

Partnering with the best speaks clearly about our intentions, which are no other than to become the strongest gaming community out there. Our high ambitions could only possibly be achieved by working hand in hand with the best, learning from their ways, and giving it our all, together.

However, it is vital to understand that partnerships are a two-way road, and even though they can be bought — and there’s nothing wrong with that — all of our partners are, let’s say, economically solvent. What do we mean by this? Our partners have not decided to join us because we offered them a hefty paycheck. The reality is that we have something big in our hands, and it’s exciting to be a part of it.

We give our partners the possibility to enter two spaces for the price of one, both of which are seeing exponential growth. Gaming and Web 3 are gaining new users rapidly (even with the bear market), and Banger’s approach to combining both gives rise to an opportunity that doesn’t always come along.

By working alongside our partners, we are building the foundations of the evolution of gaming, where incentives are at the core of it all, and gamers come first in a community with the power to make their own decisions. These are groundbreaking traits that any business would want to be a part of.

Having said all this, we are also humbled by the companies we work with and will keep building based on trust and value, fundamental aspects of any successful partnership and community. We have worked hard for the past three years to ensure we fulfill our promises.

We are doing our best to communicate as clearly as possible all the different components of what makes up Banger. And yes, we have had our delays, but only because we believe in offering all of you as much value as possible. You only get one chance at making a first impression, and nothing is ever perfect, but striving for excellence is in Banger’s DNA and is part of what we expect from all of our partners.

We hope that opening up about who we are working with helps build trust, allowing you to see all the legitimacy and value we are bringing together. We are confident that you will see it for yourselves when it comes and relish being one of our early adopters.

Until next time Bangers