Lean on Banger

“Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrow. But if we are wise, we know that there’s always tomorrow. Lean on me when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend; I’ll help you carry on… For it won’t be long till I’m gonna need somebody to lean on”.

Today we were feeling a mixture of poetic, nostalgic, heartful, and excited, so we decided to start by referencing the legendary Billy Withers and his unforgettable — Lean on me.

The first verse of this magical song encapsulates so many things we could write a whole dissertation on it; the challenges in life, the importance of perspective, and understanding everything passes. The value in letting go of pride and knowing how to ask for help — the significance of friendship, and more importantly, how it’s a two-way road. But beyond everything, this song (which you should definitely listen to as soon as you finish reading this) talks about one of the core values at both Banger and Web 3 itself; TRUST. Perhaps not in the way we envisioned trust in the past (as if only possible by taking a leap of faith) but rather through relating trust with a consensus over a specific set of rules that have to be verified for any given transaction to be approved. Sound familiar? Pretty much blockchain summed up in a sentence.

As the Web 3 learning community Kernel states, “Trust is only meaningful once we have fully understood how people can lie. Because we can codify the ways in which it is possible to cheat, we can also write executable software rules, with deterministic results, that prevent cheating. These clearly defined and encoded rules do not mean we need no longer trust at all. It means that there is an implicit shift from trusting those who own the media by which we transfer value, to those with whom we are actually transacting”.

What we mean by this long yet powerful quote is that with web 3 and crypto gaming, trust changes not only in how it is defined but, more importantly, where it is placed. Whereas up until now, we have put (and still do) our trust in the platforms we use, the future brings a trust that is defined by a preset of rules established with our peers and placed on the individual assets owned by each one of those peers.

How does all of this have to do anything with Banger or gaming? Firstly by providing ownership the moment you step into the Banger platform. Just for signing up, Banger gives you ownership over your very own avatar, an NFT that you can even customize to add value only by playing at a freemium level.

Following that up, Banger offers its own coin, which you can purchase if you decide to trust in our future. In return, we provide passive income opportunities, governance, premium access, limited edition NFTs, and much more. Taking the initial leap of faith is always the most challenging part. We want to return that TRUST with exclusivity, monetization opportunities, and a lot of fun, so you can always LEAN ON BANGER.

However, seeing that the word lean has two very different meanings, we wanted to take the opportunity to radically change the subject only to give you more reasons to put your trust in us, for honesty and transparency are trust’s best friends.

Back in 2011, Eric Ried published “The Lean Startup,” an entrepreneurship management book that gave a set of strategies to better develop startups based on a revolutionary system of “lean management” where first came the solution, then the product fit within the market, and finally the growth stage.

Why is this relevant for Banger? Because we have closely followed this process, first looking for a solution for amateur, casual and occasional gamers to have more skin in the game and a platform dedicated to them, then by developing a platform itself, and now by looking for how to make it grow. Furthermore, the Lean Startup methodology favors experimentation over elaborate planning and product testing over product development, something that can lead to the well-known “pivots,” which any promising startup knows plenty about.

In its over three years of history, Banger has gone through a couple of them, its biggest one being two years ago when deciding to build our platform on top of blockchain technology. Before this transition, our first MVP (minimum viable product), a competitive tournament platform for the non-pro, had just been tested with excellent feedback (a lean startup must). However, jumping on blockchain meant offering better solutions for our gamers, so it was time to go back to the drawing board.

Two years after that pivot, we arrived at our second MVP, with our Closed Beta tested in May. Another great success with CSGO as our trial game and with a bunch of features we have talked about plenty in the past. But once again, and with a great product in our hands, we saw ourselves with another contingency. We have a great product; now, how could we make earning even more sustainable and learn from the previous mistakes made in the play-to-earn model? So it was time to regather and head for pivot 2.0.

Good news for us, the whole market was just going into winter with prices plummeting… an excellent time to focus on development rather than sales. This pivot was sweet and short, so much so that we are back on track, with A LOT of news for everyone.

This article sets the kick-off of our ultimate launching campaign, which will include our Smart Beta with new games, Web 3 training, Banger Utility descriptions, NFT reveals, Economy platform explanations, and ultimately anything and everything you need to know about the soon-to-come launch. Audiences around crypto and NFT communities have proved those mystery days and reveal campaigns are a thing of the past. Now it’s all about trust, transparency, and the potential for us to be able to lean on each other.

Until next time Bangers!



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