Introducing Banger Games’ Integration with Chainlink

Banger Games has some exciting news: we will be using Chainlink as our oracle solution, initially to provide randomness verification for game rewards.

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to access external data and systems from outside the blockchain. Chainlink connects blockchains and the outside world in a secure and reliable manner, as well as performs secure and verifiable off-chain computations on behalf of smart contracts.

In our case, Chainlink’s verifiable random function (VRF) will generate and deliver cryptographically secure randomness to our blockchain-based gaming platform to enable our user reward system.

Banger Games is a Play2Earn gaming ecosystem that works as a monetisation tool for gamers, creators, and businesses, allowing them to white label automated SMART tournaments and mint NFTs to create a transparent and decentralised economy. (for more information, see this article).

Integrating Chainlink’s decentralized protocol is essential to our reward system, particularly to operate publisher giveaways, reward top users, and to utilise the random box generator on our platform. We needed to integrate Chainlink’s industry-leading randomness generation protocol to ensure trust and transparency for all our users.

What is Chainlink VRF and how does it work?

Chainlink VRF is a decentralized random number generator used by smart contract developers to ensure that all numbers generated are truly random, with cryptographic proof verifying the random number was determined in a tamper-proof manner.

Chainlink VRF will ensure that our prize pool winners and other reward recipients are selected unbiasedly and transparently, so that our users will have complete trust and confidence in the fairness of our system knowing that outcomes are fully verifiable using cryptographic proofs.

Banger Games reward system

All users of Banger Games can earn rewards for being an active part of our ecosystem and for contributing to the revolutionising of the gaming industry.

Below is a diagram showing the distribution of the entry fees committed to the decentralized prize pools of Banger Games’ Smart Tournaments. For every tournament, 5% goes towards a game jackpot, which is a weekly or monthly random giveaway for users who played in tournaments for that specific game. Each game will also have random giveaways, depending on how many tournaments were hosted for that specific game during that week or month, and on how many users participated.

We will offer random loyalty reward giveaways to users who participate most actively on our platform; this will be measured by the level of rank they achieve. Banger Games currently has a rank system of 20 levels. The more gamers play, the more points they earn, and the higher level they achieve.

When users hit a certain level, they will win fixed rewards. However in some ranks they will be gifted with a random box gift generator — they will click to open the box and it will offer them a randomly chosen extra gift.

Future use cases:

  • Banger Games Oracle node to verify Esports API data on chain. Ensuring users can trust the data and statistics being portrayed on the Banger Games website. Others in need of the data can access it knowing it is legitimate.
  • Asian market tournaments and events for the community.

Why does Banger Games reward system need Chainlink VRF?

Banger Games will benefit from, and be enhanced by using Chainlink VRF because it provides industry-leading security and confidence in our smart contracts, ensuring that the cryptographically-secure results cannot be tampered with or manipulated by anyone, even the developers themselves.

The security provided by integration with Chainlink VRF is core to our platform, where trust is an essential part of our online gaming community.

“We decided to go with Chainlink because of its current gaming use cases and ease of integration possibilities. The team has been very supportive since day one and we see Chainlink as a long-term leader within the blockchain community.”

VRF will be stage 1 of Banger Games’ integration with Chainlink: we plan to further integrate off-chain services from the Chainlink Network in the future. Look out for more news in future articles.

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Game the system.

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