How Banger Games is taking on the cheats

Have you ever had a gaming session ruined by hackers or cheats?

Annoys the s*** out of you, right? Getting worse lately?

The cheats and hackers who use codes to give themselves an unfair advantage, so that they can win battles and rank up, are one of the biggest downers in games like CS:GO and CoD Warzone. What’s the point of making an effort and dedicating your time to gaming, if some players flout the rules in order to advance?

This year, more than 700,000 cheaters have been banned from CoD, with a whopping ban wave of 100,000 on 25 August. According to Vice, the most recent wave came “only two weeks after the last one, and just a few weeks after several well-known streamers said they would quit playing the game as there were too many cheaters.” Common examples of cheats in games include wall hacks, speed hacks and aimbots, but there are many more.

One Warzone user even boasted live, while streaming on Twitch, that he was cheating, a clip that was then shared on Twitter. Many cheaters return promptly to the game, and simply carry on as before: they make another account in the battle royale game and repeat the same actions.

This behaviour has clearly been affecting the gaming ecosystem for some time. A 2018 Irdeto Global Gaming Survey of players in China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, the UK and US, found that 60% of gamers “feel they have had their gaming experiences negatively impacted by other players cheating on multiple occasions”. The study also found that 77% of respondents are “likely to stop playing online multiplayer if they suspect other players were cheating to gain an unfair advantage”, and a similar amount “felt that it was important that multiplayer games online are secured against other players gaining and unfair advantage through cheating.”

For most gamers, fair play and a level playing field are — or at least, should be — essential requisites for a satisfying gaming experience. Gaming should be exciting and genuinely competitive, with a sense of achievement — without players whose anarchic rule-breaking activities wreck the balance for everyone else.

What is Banger Games’ anti-cheat client, and how will it function on our platform?

As with all tech issues, here at Banger Games we’re at the forefront of anti-cheat systems, to make sure that our users get the best possible gaming experience.

We are developing our own anti-cheat client that will be compatible with any game on the platform. Banger Games will be collaborating with IBM to improve the MVP (minimum viable product, or playable teaser version) using their AI systems, development resources, and top-level AI software like IBM Watson.

Here’s how our anti-cheat will work:

  • Users will need to download the client before participating in any tournaments.
  • Our system will verify that users have the client downloaded and activated prior to the match.
  • The anti-cheat will then be injected into the games and will monitor for any irregular or cheating behaviour.
  • If users are showing signs of cheating, they will be flagged for analysis.

We aim to provide the fairest experience for all our users, especially when such a large proportion — 70% — of the prize pool’s winnings is allocated to gamers.

Gaming platforms are all about trust, and Banger Games has been built by gamers, for gamers. You can be confident that players will win our games and tournaments without artificial advantages. We want fair fights, enabled by the best and most secure technology, so that you, the gamer, enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. Because that’s what we’re all after.

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