Play2Earn Counter-Strike Global Offensive Testing at Banger Games

Hello, Bangers,

We have some awesome news and results to share with you from our ALPHA Counter Strike Global Offensive Tournaments.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) ALPHA Tournaments Recap:

At Banger Games we have recently launched our fully automated CSGO tournament ALPHA testing. Before we dive into the results, let us first break down what an automated tournament means exactly?

Automation within the tournament experience means the whole process from server/map voting, server creation, result tracking, and rewarding is all done without any human interaction. Players can focus on what matters, their gameplay rather than worrying about having to capture results or find the servers and invite opponents.

Now to the exciting part! Here are the key ALPHA highlights:

- 9 Tournaments over the past 2 weeks.

- 503 matches played.

- Over 640 gamers registered to take part.

- 256 tournament entries were offered and filled.

As we move closer to our open Beta testing, we are excited to see such a positive response to our first automated tournaments after being in the works for two years.

Looking forward to our BETA

What to expect?

We are working to deliver the highest quality earning and gaming experience for our users across all the major titles. CSGO is just the beginning to prove our value to the gaming community and showcase our approach to creating a platform made by gamers for the gamers. This is how we are aiming to achieve that in our Beta launch:

Fully customized Banger Games Anti Cheat software.
Cheating is still one of the largest problems we see across gaming. Our first anti-cheat version aims to counter and ban any cheaters from our platform. Keeping the competitive experience fair for all. This will take time to constantly improve however it will remain as one of the top priorities at Banger Games.

Highest performing CSGO servers.

Tournament and matchmaking providers have been restricting lag-free gameplay experiences for some time now. Charging players high fees for their basic gaming rights. We are aiming to provide the fastest servers in the game free of charge.

Massive prize pools and rank reward systems

We want to give back to everyday gamers for the hours spent grinding their favorite gaming titles. Rewarding you for every time a higher skill level is achieved.

Gamified web and mobile app user experience,

Allowing gamers to feel as if they never leave they're in game experience.




Game the system.

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Game the system.

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