Banger’s Business Model: The only model that integrates all industry players in one ecosystem

Hey, Bangers. Business Models are a severe endeavor. If you are interested in reading about our business model, you are most likely the type of person we want to collaborate with. So let us go straight to the point because we don’t play around when the conversation is about how we make our bucks.

However, before we dive deep into our business model, it is crucial to understand the different elements within our ecosystem and future projections planned within our revenue streams.

As you already know, Banger is a Hub for all gamers, and if you still don’t understand precisely what this means, you can find out by reading our previous article.

The purpose of this hub is to provide gamers with the necessary tools to monetize their gaming experience, building a network that empowers them through our revolutionary concept IoG — Internet of Gaming.

To grasp our revolutionary plan, you must first understand where the industry currently sits at. Although the gaming industry was built for gamers, it provides little to no control or ownership. Whether it has been through obligated purchases of a new version for the same game, upgrading game setups, or in-game assets, gamers have been left year after year with nothing to show for their investment apart from the entertainment itself.

To solve this, Banger is creating the Internet of Gaming, a decentralized metaverse run by gamers that connects and rewards gamers for completing objectives and contributing to the network’s growth.

With the use of technologies including web 3.0, cloud gaming, and blockchain, gamers are no longer just users. There are not just winners or losers either. They are now architects of the system — a solution built by the gamers for gamers.

However, Banger isn’t just built for gamers. In fact, we differentiate our users into four main groups. Each of these groups has its unique activities and contributions to the ecosystem.

  1. Creators
  • Create and Whitelabel tournaments and leagues for their audiences.
  • Mint NFTs to offer as tournament rewards of sell/trade in the marketplace.
  • Tokenize their teams.

2. Players

  • Participate in games & leagues.
  • Participate in ranked and unranked matches.
  • Create and challenge friends or other players on the platform.
  • Earn/buy/trade/sell NFTs on the marketplace.
  • Complete in-game objectives

3. Viewers

  • Watch2earn different ongoing tournaments.
  • Support in-game actions and interact with the streamers live on the platform.
  • Follow tournaments, events, teams, and players.

4. Investors Providers

  • Purchase and hold Banger Coins.
  • Purchase NFTs.
  • Stake CPU/GPU power in peer-to-peer fashion.
  • Invest in the Banger Hubspot.

Once the different players within the ecosystem are clear, we can dive into the other revenue streams Banger has created and intends to develop shortly.

  1. Banger Coin: The traded value of the coin and commissions will act as the primary revenue stream for Banger. As the coin is traded and used more throughout the platform, we will earn from transaction fees and the coin’s value.
  2. Renting CPU & GPU capacity from users to third parties: Through our Micellious mining system, we will be able to rent users’ CPU/GPU capacity for a usage rate to third-party companies.
  3. Smart Tournaments: Decentralizing the competitive gaming experience through smart contracts based on the blockchain guarantees gamers safe and transparent competition. Banger takes 5% of all tournaments collection.
  4. Sponsorships: Selling a variety of weekly and monthly packages for sponsorship generate not only revenue but also high levels of brand credibility, increasing traffic, SEO, and membership registration
  5. Affiliate product sales: Through third-party articles and social channels, we can distribute our events, equipment, props, and the latest drops available in our marketplace, making it another distribution channel.
  6. Adsense (twitch subscriptions, youtube views, etc.): Our Twitch channel and blogs will be able to display ads that will produce another avenue of income, one which will vary depending on total and active users.
  7. NFTs: By allowing users to sell, trade, buy, create and wager NFTs, we will be charging commission fees and selling our own NFTs to users.
  8. Banger Marketplace: Banger users within the economy will purchase, sell, exchange, trade, and create digital assets and currencies. They will also be able to buy and sell their gaming equipment, including a gaming line exclusively created by Banger, which will come around in year 3.
  9. Offline Software Rental Fees: As we develop the most technologically advanced tournament hosting software globally, we will allow significant offline gaming events to rent our system and organize their large-scale events powered by Banger.
  10. New talent, ICONS & Pro gamers: Thanks to the detailed and extensive statistics that we can extract from our platform, it will showcase new talent in the industry, allowing teams, brands, and investors to directly scout and invest in players with the highest potential. This will be done by tokenizing the gamers, allowing the different Scouters ad investors to purchase their stock and earn ROI as the players grow. Like the pro gamer tokens, ICONS will also have the capability to create their tokens for their followers, brands, and investors to purchase, providing both the ICONS and ourselves another revenue stream.
  11. Banger Merchandising: Year 3 will be defined by the launch of our very own range of products. In addition to the gaming equipment, a line of clothing will be developed, and most importantly, our very own pack of digital assets such as skins, emblems, and trophies.
  12. Big Data: As a platform that will one day support millions of potential users, the opportunity to retain a mass quantity of valuable data is immense. We understand how crucial it is to segment data to be understood and used efficiently by our sponsors. Our goal is to allow sponsors and businesses to target specific users depending on many variables. Providing well-segmented data will elevate the overall value our platform provides, generating, in turn, more revenue.
  13. Banger Academy: As a company attempting to innovate and alter the perspectives and challenges around the gaming industry, we understand the importance of education. Although we intend this platform area to be completely free in its initial stages, after year 3, we will begin to associate with professional and academic resources in the industry to start providing certified education.
  14. Rent our system to other platforms: Platforms and Esports teams will want to integrate our system to monetize their users. Banger will allow blockchain technology renting and all its functionalities to any third parties interested for a monthly usage fee.

That just about sums the revenue stream side of our business model, Bangers. We believe the project’s ambition is displayed throughout the number of possibilities to generate revenue and an ecosystem that integrates all industry players.

Stay tuned for more information about our business, to find out more about the internal functioning of aspects like the Tokenomics, how our Freemium model works, and many other fundamental elements of the thriving business Banger is about to become.

If you want to learn how, and better understand the depths of this project, check out our Litepaper here.

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