Banger turns to IBM to expand its gaming platform’s portfolio of innovative solutions

Banger Games
5 min readMar 28, 2022

· Banger takes advantage of IBM Cloud and IBM Watson to enhance the gaming experience by offering gamers the opportunity for the first time in the industry to win while playing.

· New solutions include an anti-cheat system to ensure fair competition and a balanced ecosystem for all users

Madrid, 28 March 2022. Spanish start-up Banger and IBM have co-created four new solutions that will soon be available on their gaming platform to help create a more complete, controlled, and fairer gaming experience for their users.

These new cloud-based solutions include an anti-cheat system, a virtual assistant, a bulk notification system, and a tournament recommendation system, which will be available in both traditional and 3.0 games.

Developed with IBM Watson and the IBM Client Engineering development method, the solutions are securely hosted on IBM Cloud. To help expand its platform, Banger has adopted a hybrid cloud approach, endowing it with the flexibility to work in any chosen environment, including multiple clouds. Now Banger can develop new apps and features at once, and deploy them anywhere, anytime by having them hosted on IBM Cloud while gaining access to an expansive ecosystem to boost open, collaborative innovation, which is one of the keys to success stories for start-ups.

With IBM Watson’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, Banger has been able to automate, predict, and overhaul its workflows more swiftly and to greater effect, expanding its innovation and driving greater efficiencies, while ensuring data privacy and security and developing new features that enhance the gaming experience on its platform.

“The work undertaken with Banger perfectly exemplifies the added value of the IBM Client Engineering development model, a space in which in a short period of time our specialists and the client analyze needs, seek solutions and, more importantly, develop them effectively,” in the words of Iñigo Cavestany, IBM Spain Public Cloud Sales.

“Banger’s commitment to its users requires providing an optimal level in each of the services we offer. Working closely with some of the leading brands in your industry, such as IBM, is one of the keys to continuing to grow and meet our goals. I am confident that we will embark upon an exciting adventure together to continue offering innovation and solutions to the gaming industry,” explains Miguel Escribano, Chief Operating Officer of Banger.

Through a co-creation model, Banger and IBM have developed four innovative cloud-based solutions that enable a revolutionary experience in which players can relate to each other with new forms of interaction.

Anti-cheat system for a fairer gaming experience

One of the most frequent issues that players face while enjoying the game is the presence of cheating players in online games. To prevent users from cheating using software designed for this purpose, an anti-cheat system has been developed that guarantees players a safer and fairer experience in each game. The solution uses AI to detect unauthorized use of the game. When a hacker player is detected, the platform removes them from the game, and they are automatically banned.

Smart conversations to energize games

Another of the new solutions is the presence of Boomer, the new Banger virtual assistant powered by AI. Developed with IBM Watson Assistant, Boomer is able to engage in seamless dialogue with players and answer varied questions on platform operation, games, purchase processes, rewards, and tournaments, amongst other topics. At the same time, IBM Watson Discovery allows Banger Games to discover topics of conversation regarding the games and which gameplay most interests users.

A more entertaining and competitive gaming experience

Players get frustrated when faced with opponents of different levels, which is an inhibitor of the gaming experience. To retain players and avoid a gap in gaming skills, IBM and Banger have developed a player rating system to offer them tournaments and competitions tailored to their level. Leveraging advanced analytics and Watson Studio in IBM Cloud. Banger uses AI to recommend the most suitable tournament based on each player’s characteristics. At the same time, Boomer Assistant stores this information with which it can make recommendations directly.

Custom notifications for user groups

With the new virtual assistant developed by IBM Client Engineering, the platform will be able to simultaneously send bulk messages to specific groups of users, selected through the Rabbit MQ system. This state-of-the-art technology allows sending personalized notifications, being able to handle 50,000 messages simultaneously, in addition to guaranteeing customized delivery and allowing the display of the message in real-time through WebSockets.

Banger will now be able to communicate directly with specific groups of users to streamline their experience within the platform; recommending, for example, outstanding tournaments to users of a specific game or a special challenge focused on users of a certain level.

About Banger

Banger is a new gaming platform that seeks to position itself as the new meeting point of the so-called Web 3, acting as a community for all gamers equally and offering them tangible benefits by participating therein. The platform aims to be an aggregator for all members of the gaming industry, from the leading AAA game developers to the purist gamers. All games added under the Banger umbrella will give its players opportunities for monetization, either through competitive matches or by meeting goals within the game itself. Banger is a company driven by blockchain technology that has created its own competitive gaming structure called “Smart Tournaments”, based on all the experience in smart contracts that guarantee the security of the registration fees and offer maximum transparency on the distribution of prizes.

About IBM

IBM is a global leader in hybrid cloud and AI, a business service provider, helping customers from more than 175 countries capitalize on their data insights, streamline business processes, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage in their industries. More than 3,000 government and corporate firms and bodies, from sectors such as financial services, telecommunications, and health, rely on IBM’s hybrid cloud platform and Red Hat OpenShift to influence their digital transformations quickly, efficiently, and securely. IBM’s breakthroughs in innovation, AI, or quantum computing, and our industry-specific solutions and business services offer open and flexible options to our customers. All of the foregoing is based on IBM’s legendary commitment to truth, openness, accountability, inclusion, and service.

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