Banger Coin: One coin to rule them all

Was it the best idea to reference the evilest and most powerful force of middle earth to compare it with our coin?

Probably not, but I had to catch your attention somehow. So, now that you are here, how about we go into the intricacies of our Banging Coin, what that will bring light and joy to the gaming world, and rather than ruling over the rest, will reunite them under one same ecosystem.

The first thing you need to know is that as a company that aims to fully embrace Web 3 in less than a couple of years, we want to be fully transparent with both our roadmap and intentions regarding the utility of our Banger Coin and the evolution of Banger.

In our soon-to-come launch (starting with the closed-beta release), we want to make sure we cater to all different user types. However, our primary goal is to attract and incentivize early adopters during the initial phase. We are after investors that believe in the long run of our project. Whether gamers or crypto investors, we are attracting users that take the time to investigate projects and put in the hard work to determine which are worth it and which are not. Why do we want this? Simply because the moment industry experts understand the magnitude of our project, one that has been in the making for three years, they will want to buy and stick. However, we seek to reward that initial investment, not because it’s hard to see the potential in our project, but because it takes a certain level of industry wisdom to invest in a– Web 3 DAO to-be, that will take between one and two years to reach AAA quality and be able to cater for millions of gamers at a time.

So we are using our Bangercoin to reward early adopters and help them create wealth in two different ways.

The first one is Staking, and the second one is through In-Game Rewards, which will take place during the first three years from the launch date.

Let’s start with the first. Our staking plan is an industry-standard, where you can lock your assets either for 0, 3, 6, or 12 months. Of course, the longer you lock them up, the higher the percentage you will get back in return. That being said, you can lock them with zero commitment and still make money back.

120 Million tokens, meaning 12% of the total, are allocated towards staking, injected at a decreasing monthly rate. This means that in year one, the stakes will start at their peak during month one and gradually go down until the last month of year three. Again, our goal is no other than to compensate for the faith and vision early adopters will have in our project.

At the same time, the logic behind this from an ecosystem sustainability perspective is that the more people locked up on the token, the minor side sell pressure the token will suffer. The more people that lock up the token, the quicker the price goes up, and the more people buy in. However, this has nothing to do with the game itself; instead, we are making a sustainable environment for the token to thrive and justify our dear investors their initial bet on our unicorn potential.

Now let us go to our town’s fundamental spiritual and metaphysical value, IN-GAME REWARDS.

The beauty of your own token is that we can decide the value it stands for.

Two hundred million tokens are allocated for in-game rewards planned for distribution monthly between the 3–4 first years, and here comes the best part… AT A FREEMIUM LEVEL. These tokens are to be distributed equally amongst all players, meaning the more people who come in, the fewer rewards will be distributed, again rewarding early adopters and latecomers. It’s essential to consider the data shown by our external audit (we will publish the results officially in a couple of weeks) that clearly show how even when more players join the hub and collect their rewards, the price of the token will have risen, making it a win-win for all. This token pool represents 20% of our total tokens, and it is our way of rewarding players that want to explore the platform through a freemium model.

As usual with our latest articles, we get to a point where you should be asking yourself a fundamental question. What happens after three years when the prizes allocated for tokens and staking have run out? Good question, people, good question.

At this point, our different revenue streams (which you can check out in our Litepaper BANGER LITE PAPER) and token utilities will allow us to

There are several ways we will accomplish this.

  • : Whenever people pay entrance into a tournament, we take a small percentage of that entry.
  • : We are building a marketplace that can hold our own NFTs and those of the games we have also integrated into our platform. It will be massive and represent a significant source of income through the transaction fees we will take, which will be 5% of our own NFTs and 2,5% of other third-party assets.
  • : A smaller, more accessible way of competing at a more 1vs1 level with friends or leveled rivals.
  • : Our final step in the roadmap where through p2p CPU/GPU sharing, you can earn tokens for renting out your servers.

What’s most relevant out of these revenue streams is that we will be reinvesting 90% of all tokens earned through transactions, replenishing the reward system token pool, and guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of the token’s value. This is our promise to the community, which we believe holds the key to our success and your wealth.

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