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5 min readAug 24, 2022


A New Model for a New Era

Can you believe it’s been three years? Three years since this Banging adventure started. When the whole idea came around, the truth is that we were just as excited as we are today. Even though a lot has changed, it is very comforting to see how the main pillars of what we wanted to build are pretty much the same. In fact, they are now consolidated into a business model with established partners, a healthy community of 5,000 beta testers, and a social media following of nearly 50K users.

And what exactly are those pillars? For a long time, our slogan was built by gamers for gamers. Adding value and offering better tools and more value for gamers has always been at the core of what we’re building. Of course, adding blockchain technology, smart contracts, AI-powered in-platform messaging, AI anti-cheat, and our coin and NFT collection (let’s grab a breather) has made all of that possible in even more ways than we thought possible.

What we have learned during these three years has been, in many ways, thanks to all of you guys out there. Gamers, crypto investors, and everyone participating in these two industries we belong to. You have been shaping and deciding the direction you want things to go in, and Banger, along with the rest of the businesses out there in the market, has been adapting accordingly.

The best example of this is something we have talked about over and over again. The play-to-earn model… We’ve looked at how it failed, explained why, and discussed its potential despite its failure. All of you mostly thought it had to do with how little fun and how much work the entire model seemed to be. The problem is that with fun being out of the picture, the only motivation remaining was purely economic. The chances of actually gaining something were left to only a few savvy crypto users in the front line of the latest information.

The result of this is the entire gaming community rejecting a model for all the reasons stated above, leading to an overall dismissal of the whole Web 3 space.

To change gamers’ perception of the Web 3 space and everything it has to offer, we decided to take a leap of faith and create a new model. A model where the main priority was clearer than ever; having fun. Something where you win for simply being a gamer. Almost like going back to basics, where the mere act of gaming was all we needed.

A model called Play&Win. Because that is what Banger is all about; creating a welcoming community around the joy of gaming and the value you get from being a gamer. Simple as that, getting rewarded for the sheer act of playing and, more importantly, having fun with everyone involved.

For that to happen, of course, we need good games. We are on top of that. Our Beta has been developed with CSGO, which we know is up there. That is just the beginning since the objective is to have all the games we love across platforms and genres inside Banger.

However, at this point, it’s essential to understand what winning means to us.

Play to win… what exactly? Rewards, of course. Every time you play, you’re winning something. Those rewards can be in the shape of our in-platform soft token, which can give you access to tournaments or our internal marketplace. You can also get rewarded in the form of NFTs, which can provide you with access to our premium status, something we will explore in soon-to-come weeks.

Even more interesting is our effort to take the play & win model beyond the act of gaming itself… What do we mean by this?

One of our primary goals is to make the transition towards Web 3 more accessible for gamers so that together we can take the gaming we all know and love to the next stage; a place where game-time is rewarded in several different ways and not just by Banger, but the entire industry.

That’s why we have taken two routes to make this a reality. The first and most important is through features that allow users to sign up and use our platform without needing any blockchain knowledge — no need to create your wallet or write down secret sentences that get lost along with your assets. We take care of that through a simple two-step authentication sign-up process just like you do through Google. After that, voila, you have your custodial wallet set up and ready to start earning coins.

The second step we are taking towards lowering the barrier of entry for all gamers alike is through pieces like this, primarily through our video content, where we have started to create small videos explaining what to do and not to do, where to stay away from, what processes to trust, and which ones your best off avoiding altogether. We genuinely believe in the power of Web 3 and all its tools. Still, we understand the complexity behind a world created by software engineers and programmers and the risk involved at this stage of its development.

Banger is ultimately approaching everything from the perspective of how all the industry players can come together and evolve the space we belong to and love so much. If before we were focused on explaining what Banger was all about, now we feel it is much more important to start having conversations about how we are going to keep growing together so that every day can be game day, and on top of that, we have something to show for it!

Conversations around what games you would rather see first on our platform or what you are most skeptical about in the Web 3 space are precisely what we are after. What are you most excited about in the upcoming six months? Whatever you are interested in, we want to hear about.

We’ve even started compiling all the content our Beta users have been producing to bring you a variety of TOP moments. Ultimately, it’s all about creating a community around the joy of gaming, where gamers go first.

Talking about content, starting from launch day, creating content will be another way you can win.

This goes back to how we incentivize all gamers to use the platform and, of course, enjoy the process.

The beauty of what we are creating with the Play & Win model goes beyond gaming itself. It is about the very process of getting on board Web 3, gaming, sharing your experience, sponsoring another gamer to access premium tournaments, creating content, or even watching top players compete. It is part of our ecosystem where every interaction is meant to be lived playfully and therefore rewarded, if only, with pure joy. Help us evolve gaming so that we gamers are back where we belong.



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