A deeper dive into the Top 5 P2E games for 2022

If you haven’t heard by now, then you have some catching up to do my friend.
The crypto gaming industry is on fire, and it’s worth billions of dollars thanks to the blockchain-powered, ever almighty, NFT´s, which, if you need a better understanding of, you can go ahead and read our previous article right here (https://bangergames.medium.com/new-possibilities-for-gamers-e16e4d33510a).

Now, for us gamers, the real NFT revolution is not in the hyped-up NFT Art, but rather in the different digital economies that pay us for playing. Yes, you know what I am talking about, it’s the Play-to-earn (p2e) revolution. Play-to-earn games are really what they promise to be, games that reward gameplay time with their own currency, whether that’s through battles, breeding in-game characters, completing missions, or any other given task. So as you can imagine, the incentive to keep on playing is real!

This token that is rewarded can then be used to purchase NFT´s, or even better, it can be transferred to a crypto wallet and later on converted into FIAT currency so you can use it for real-world payments.

Now, we´re gonna be honest here, there are quite a few people that have been making a decent amount of money over the past year or so, the reason behind the rise in popularity of p2e games, but the industry is still in its infancy since many games so far have lacked the raw entertainment that most of us gamers are always after. Most of us don’t game for the money, we game for the thrill! However, if you can provide both, then we won’t say no to that, right?

In any case today we want to look at the top 5 games that are either killing it in the current play-to-earn ecosystem or are going to be the next big thing.

Let’s start with a game that you cannot take your sight off of in 2022.


Iluvium is the closest thing to a classic RPG there is, and that’s why it has all of us excited. Finally, a AAA gaming experience within a blockchain game, which is why it tops our list.

Iluvium is an open-world 3D RPG adventure game on the Ethereum Blockchain. The primary task is of course to win battles and capture deity-like creatures called Illuvials. In return for catching Illuvials, completing quests, and upgrading in rank, we will get ILV, Iluvium´s token. ILV´s will allow us to upgrade Illuvials, and purchase in-game collectibles through their marketplace, where we will see an ecosystem like that of other p2e games.

The future of the project is getting even brighter by the day due to the latest integration with a Layer 2 protocol scaling solution for NFTs, Immutable X, eliminating charges for transactions. This allows Illuvium to offer its community Peer-to-Peer trading, Gas Fee Free (basically meaning there are no transaction fees)

Illuvium´s release is just around the corner, and we couldn´t be more excited about it.


Gods Unchained is one of the largest crypto and blockchain projects in the p2e ecosystem.

Gods unchained is created by the same Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that partnered with Illuvium, Immutable X, meaning that just like Illuvium, Gods Unchained also allows for free Peer-2.Peer transactions. And we love not having to pay Gas Fees.

Beyond the technicalities, Gods Unchained is under the supervision of one of the “Magic the Gathering” directors back in the day, which is a certain advantage. But let’s get to it, Gods Unchained is a trading card game where players fight with each other using a deck of cards.

Gods unchained token, GODS, can be earned throughout the game, and used to craft NFTs, purchase packs from the marketplace, and earn rewards. The token, just like at Banger, empowers the user with voting power and enables you to participate in governance proposals that impact the future of the game.

Their marketplace is Ethereum based so you will need a Metamask wallet or another supported wallet. And just like with any other p2e game, each card is different. With different stats come different values, which also define the rarity of the card. The rarer the card, the more scarce, therefore more valuable, having cards being sold for over 200 ETH.

Currently, GODS is trading at $1,89. The game is well established and has big projects for 2022 like their staking system for the GODS token which will allow users to be rewarded for staking their token. They are also looking at releasing a mobile version of the game soon, which promises to boost the number of players and take the ecosystem to a whole other level.


Even though Alien worlds is our third game on the list, it is our first and only metaverse, where players can of course earn NFT´s by mining the token, battling other explorers, and earning commissions from their virtual real estate. To mine Alien Worlds´ token Truliium (TLM) you will need to access some land. You can do this either by purchasing property with TLM or simply by mining someone else’s property with the shovel you get initially. Property owners get a commission when their land is being mined. If you do not own a property you will have to part with 20% of the payout.

Although starting with a shovel can force you to grind and search through other planets to mine TLM, it is still feasible, and you can also encounter NFTs in the process. Statistics on your mining tools will determine your probabilities of finding avatars or better mining tools.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you cannot constantly be mining. Tools need to be rested, and the rarer the tool, the more rest it will need, while the common shovel can cool in half an hour.

But mining is not all there is, another way to earn TLM and gain experience is through different gaming quests which will provide more power and influence. As your experience in the game grows, your potential to earn from questing grows too.

Other NFTs can be purchased apart from land and tools and Minions, weapons, avatars, and missions themselves.

Just like other Metaverses, planets within are decentralized autonomous organizations that receive daily Trillium from the central metaverse.

Alien Worlds is very unique in comparison with the rest of our list and is worth checking out due to the large variety of NFTs available. Right now it is the second most popular p2e game available, and of course, it had to make our list.


Splinterland is our second p2e card game of the list, and similarly to Gods Unchained it provides a platform to play, earn, and trade, with the advantage over GODS of having a mobile version

Their token Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) can be earned by winning battles, selling cards, and doing other activities. But unlike GODS where the fun is in the battle, in Splinterlands it’s all about battle preparation. The goal is to build an army strong enough to beat your opponent since you do not have control over the battle once it begins.

Each battle will reward DEC depending on your level, that of your opponent, and what is called capture rate, which is a fluctuating player statistic that limits the amount of DEC you can earn for every ranked battle.

To grow within the game, it is key to expand your army collection. You can do so by either buying packs with any FIAT currency or your own DEC, buying rare cards from other players through the marketplace, or finally buying opening chests for completing daily quests. These chests will contain cards, packs, DEC, and potions you can use for battle.

One of our favorite features is that you can combine cards to upgrade their levels, but also rent cards to other players and even convert cards to various cryptocurrencies.

All in all, a fun game to play with a long way to go in the industry.


Yes, we have left the best for last. Axie Infinity is the king of the p2e kingdom, and it’s not planning on giving up the throne anytime soon.

With its token valued at $60, it was the first NFT Ethereum-based game to hit 1 billion in sales. But let’s talk about the game in itself, shall we?

Axie Infinity is pretty much a Pokemon-inspired game where you aim to build a team of creatures called Axies that you then use to battle players in an Arena mode or fight enemies in an Adventure modality.

Unlike the rest of the games on our list, Axie Infinity has two cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity Token (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP). The first you can purchase in any exchange market, but the second you can only win in-game. However, the beauty is that both are required to breed Axies.

In order to play the game, you need to purchase 3 Axies. There is simply no way around it, although the latest rumors are telling us that they might enable a starter pack for people to learn how to play without having to purchase any Axies.

As you can imagine by now, Axies are of course NFTs. In this case, Axies have unique body parts that determine the skill and rarity of the NFT. They can be sold anywhere from $50 to $1000 with extremely rare ones being sold for over $30,000.

Axie Infinity offers several ways of making money by selling Axies, breeding them, selling SLP, and nowadays staking AXS.

We left it for last, but really Axie Infinity has been leading the charge for quite some time and has now taken the role of educator on the developer side. It is arguable whether it is more entertaining than our other games on the list, however, what is certain is that no other game has been so far able to replicate such a solid economical ecosystem.

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